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With intensive use, devices malfunction and eventually break. Careless use, untimely maintenance, working at extreme conditions, failure of electronic components are common reasons for repairing Asus laptops. Factors that affect the performance of equipment, quite a lot. Only an experienced specialist can determine them. The masters of the RepHouse service center in the center of Kiev take on the most difficult cases. Before repairing the device with a guarantee, our specialists will conduct free diagnostics, determine the causes of the malfunction and, after agreeing on all the details, restore the functionality of the equipment. For many years we have been successfully repairing devices of any brands and can share our experience with you.

Asus laptop repair Kiev

Common causes of breakdowns

We have a lot of experience and can name the common causes of failures in Asus laptops. Faults are divided into two types:

  1. Software - the laptop is functioning normally, all components are in good condition, failures appear when starting the OS, programs, drivers, etc. This can occur when unprofessional software installation, hardware mismatch, Windows system errors, viruses.
  2. Hardware - physical damage to the Asus laptop. These include:
    • short circuits in the motherboard;
    • damage to the matrix, loops, loop;
    • problems with the video card;
    • battery failure;
    • incorrect operation of DDR RAM modules;
    • defective USB ports on Asus laptop;
    • power supply failure;
    • keyboard failure;
    • strong heating of the device due to untimely cleaning of the cooling system.

RepHouse service center will fix any laptop malfunctions. The type of breakdown and its complexity affects the time and cost of the repair. We use only original spare parts and guarantee the high quality of the work performed.

How is Asus repair performed?

Our company has been providing computer assistance in Kiev for over five years and during this time we have accumulated a lot of positive feedback about our work. The convenient location of our office in the center of the capital, 5 minutes from the metro station "Maidan Nezalezhnosti" or "Pochaina", allows clients to quickly and without traffic jams get to our workshop.

Asus service center Kiev

Asus notebooks are reliable technology, however, it also ends up in our service center. The reason for this can be both fatal malfunctions and errors in the operation of software, modules, mechanical failures. The stages of repairing Asus do not differ from laptops from other manufacturers:

  1. Comprehensive diagnostics - allows you to simultaneously identify all the weak points of technology. This service is provided free of charge.
  2. Coordination and repair - with the client we discuss ways to solve the identified problems, the cost of repairs.
  3. Thorough check of the device. After repair work, the master tests the device.
  4. Informing the client. We notify the customer about the completion of the repair by phone.
  5. Issuing a laptop. When handing over the device to the owner, we provide a warranty card and a payment document, which specifies the types of work done and their cost.

We care about clients and offer to leave an online application on our website rephouse.com.ua. This will save you time, and a 5% discount on repairs will be a nice bonus.

Common ASUS laptop breakdowns and how to fix them

Basically, the breakdowns of Asus laptops are associated with mechanical damage: flooding with liquid, damage to the case from falling or impact, falling out of the connector when pulling out the cord, etc. Such malfunctions are resolved quite quickly. If you contact the service center in a timely manner, the master will repair the keyboard, fastening loops, latches, matrix or connectors.

Cooling system repair

More than 50% of breakdowns are caused by overheating of the laptop. An increase in the device temperature occurs due to incorrect operation of the cooling system and can lead to unpleasant consequences:

Repairing the cooling system, replacing thermal paste, restoring or replacing chips on the north bridge will help resolve the issue once and for all. To prevent such problems from arising in the future, it is recommended to do regular preventive cleaning of the device.

Asus laptop matrix repair

This procedure will be required in the event of a faulty matrix loop or the component itself. The signs of such a "disease" are a distorted image on the screen, color mismatch.

Asus laptop battery repair

As a result of wear and tear, the laptop battery may lose its original characteristics or even fail. In this case, the service technician will offer to replace or restore the battery.

Asus laptop power supply repair

There are several weak points on Asus power supplies that can lead to failures:

Careless attitude to technology, mechanical damage have a negative impact on the device. Operating a laptop with a broken PSU can damage the components of the device, so you should immediately seek professional help. Our experienced service technicians will diagnose the problem and replace the defective part with a new one. We use only original components and give a guarantee for all types of work.

Asus laptop motherboard repair

The most serious malfunction of the Asus laptop is associated with the failure of the motherboard. If the laptop does not turn on or shuts down spontaneously, the processor is overheating - these are clear signs of a malfunction. Repairing a motherboard is expensive due to the complexity of the process. But if on the mainland only the power connector is burned out, the repair will not take much time and will not require large costs.

Other reasons

Laptop failures are due to malware, software incompatibility. Finding the root cause of the breakdown and quickly fixing it is also a feasible task for our specialists. Contact us, our experienced team will help you solve any problems with the technique!

Часто задаваемые вопросы по ремонту Asus

  1. Мы предоставляем гарантию на отремонтированное устройство Asus (6 месяцев), в случае возникновения брака или неполадок в период гарантийного строка меняем деталь на новую, бесплатно.

  2. В стоимость ремонта Asus входит стоимость работы мастера, стоимость детали.
    Диагностику Asus мы осуществляем бесплатно.

  3. Да, у нас можно осуществить оплату ремонта Asus банковской картой.

  4. Да, может. Для этого надо заранее предупредить сотрудника центра обслуживания по телефону. Для получения устройства Asus, при себе обязательно нужно иметь оригинал квитанции ремонта и документ, удостоверяющий личность получателя.

  5. Если была утеряна квитанция по ремонту Asus, то устройство сможет получить тот человек, который принес данное устройство на ремонт при наличии документа удостоверяющей личность.

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